Cupping is traditionally defined as a method of treating disease by causing local congestion. A partial vacuum is created in jars due to the introduction of heat to the interior of the cup with fire. The cups are then applied to the skin, drawing up the underlying tissues and forming local blood stasis. We tend to employ the techniques of Regular cupping, and Sliding cupping in favour of the traditional Retention cupping as they leave less local congestion and stasis afterwards.

General Indications for cupping include: warming and promoting the free flow of Qi & blood in the meridians, diminishing swelling and pain, and dispelling Cold and Dampness. In clinic it is mainly used to treat Bi syndrome caused by wind-damp, such as pain of the low back, shoulders and legs, gastrointestinal disorders such as stomach-ache, vomiting, and diarrhoea, and lung diseases such as cough and asthma.