Sculptural facial massage therapy is the ultimate anti-aging facial treatment, providing a facelift without needing injections or surgery. This dynamic lift procedure targets the face’s deep, underlying support muscles and incorporates a powerful energy technique with osteopathic effects to tone and lift these muscles. Simultaneously, facial massage therapy helps release negative emotions that can influence the structure of our face.

During the sculptural massage, the Registered Massage Therapist (RMT) focuses on the underlying muscles responsible for specific signs of aging, such as the double chin, puffy eyelids, lowered mouth corners, and lines between the eyebrows. The massage is designed to address and improve these areas.

Next comes the buccal massage, a deep tissue and intra-oral technique that further combats signs of aging without the use of needles or surgical interventions. This method requires a deep understanding of the anatomical structures of the face and skilled manipulation of each individual muscle. To fully restore muscle function, a mini TMJ (temporomandibular joint) treatment follows.

For more long-lasting results, we recommend a complete course of 6-10 facial massage therapy procedures, scheduled once a week, followed by regular monthly maintenance sessions. This will help sustain the achieved results over time.